Vision Adventures - Games for Beginning Readers to Develop Eye Movement Skills - CD-ROM (Windows)

by AramediA
$ 39.95
Vision Adventures with I.C. Fine and View is a series of three games, each having four levels of challenge. The games are designed to help beginning readers develop eye movement skills that are consistent with those used for reading in general, and reading captioned television in particular. Game 1 involves finding an arrow on the screen and pressing an arrow on the keyboard to indicate which direction the screen arrow is pointing (i.e., left or right). Scoring is based on how fast and accurately the player responds. Arrow appear on different types of backgrounds. Game 2 requires players to recognize and match groups of characters and figures. The emphasis is on recognizing a group rather than a single arrow. Scoring is based on response accuracy. Pictures of faces, a variety of symbols, and letter sequences are shown on both static and video backgrounds. Game 3 involves tasks that are increasingly similar to reading captions. The player must recognize a group of figures, words, or phrases randomly placed on the screen and must match them with materials presented on the bottom of the screen. Scoring is based on response accuracy. Scores are saved, in two formats for each player. Vision Adventures Top Scores screen shows a player's scoring record, keeping the high score for each level of each game. Scores are also saved as a text file on the C: drive. These files can be opened using Notepad, MS Word, or other programs that accept .txt files.