Salwa Adam & Mishmish- Numbers Compiled by: Adam and Mishmish, Illustrated by: Lutfi Zayed, Board book – January 1, 2020

by AramediA
$ 16.95
Adam and Mishmesh is a series of books that teach young children new and exciting things about the world around them in book form and song. The series is based on the popular and well-known characters Adam and his cat Mishmesh. Children who are familiar with the songs will enjoy flipping through the books and singing the songs on their own. Concept books play an important role in a child’s love of books. They present information to children about the world around them in a way that encourages curiosity and becomes a bridge between the real and imagined world. This is an excellent collection for parents wanting to teach their children Arabic in a fun way: - ""Numbers"" book: introduces the child to numbers and helps him develop the skill of counting while pointing out some things that he knows around him. - enriches the vocabulary of the child. - connects the words and concepts to tangible things in a child’s environment. - introduces concepts about different environments in the world - introduces basic concepts to children that prepare them for preschool like numbers. Shapes. colors etc. - encourages children to explore new and exciting things in their environment. - informs children of information they will find helpful in their daily life. - encourages children to start reading.