Alphanumeric Replacement Keyboard Labels - white letters on black background

by AramediA
$ 21.95

Beware of Cheap Imitations that may look the same, but isn't! Manufacturer does NOT Use Standard Plastic Material, Labels are made with durable Lexan® polycarbonate, 3M® adhesive and are printed sub-surface to provide years of use. Lexan® will NOT Curl, Slip, or Ooze.

New Keyboard Stickers/Overlays. Do not Accept a Substitute Product except what is Shown on this Listing of Lexan® Material NOT Plastic. The sticker set includes the stickers necessary to create the US keyboard layout according to the Microsoft code page including the function keys, the numeric keypad, and all control keys. These stickers are opaque; they will cover the original printing on the keyboard key completely.