The Mystery of the Falcon's Eye - Arabic Children Book

by AramediA
$ 12.95

Seventeen year old Ziad discovers an exciting secret about his family. He makes up his mind to follow all the available clues to solve the mystery. The search takes him on dangerous and exciting adventures where he discovers a lot about himself and his roots.

Will Ziad succeed in his quest? and what is the Mystery of the Falcon's Eye?

A fast paced story that is difficult to put down once started. An exciting novel of self discovery and coming of age set in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The novel shows a microcosm view of Palestinian life and the difficulties they face on a daily basis.

In this action packed novel 17 year old Ziad succeeds in visiting his ancestral abandoned village " Lifta" and reconnects with his roots while searching for the family gold.

"The Mystery of the Falcon's Eye" is a story that has many levels. On one level it is an adventure action packed novel that also involves a treasure hunt and can be read as such. On a deeper level it can be read as a coming of age story and a search for roots. The protagonist Ziad lives in a refugee camp.His father is arrested and indefinitely detained by the Israeli authorities and without any trial. He is what is called an administrative detainee. Ziad finds himself the sole bread winner of his family.

The " Mystery of the Falcon's Eye" is also a story about the Palestinian Nakba. About a people driven out of their villages and their homeland and not allowed to return. It is also about the yearning that is transmitted from generation to generation for this lost homeland.

In this case, it is the village of Lifta which is unique among the 400+ documented Palestinian villages that were emptied of their original inhabitants.

Lifta has the distinction that it is the only village whose houses are still standing and have not been resettled by Jewish immigrants or turned into a tourist location or art colony.