Brand New and Improved EZSee by DC - Large Print Computer Keyboard - White Oversized Letters on Black Background - USB Connection

by AramediA
$ 49.95

The EZSee by DC large print keyboard is an excellent product for young children, those needing visual assistance, or for those who simply like to have a large print keyboard.

- The large print keyboard provides easy to see computer keys with extra large key legends for greater visibility and efficiency. Designed keys and housing, the Keys are extremely durable and comfortable to use. Features

* High quality keyboard

* Oversized legends (characters) are printed on all of the keys (not just the letter keys)

* Works with any PC computer

* Simple plug-and-play to use

* Quality you can feel and depend on

* Color: Beige or Black available

* USB connector System Requirements:

* PC Compatible Computer with 286 processor or higher

* MS DOS 2.0 or higher operating system

* One USB port

* Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Earlier Operating Systems.