American/America West A319-100 Airplane Miniature Model Diecast 1:200 Part# AAB-31900H-012

by AramediA
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American Airlines introduced its America West Airlines heritage livery in August 2014.  This model, bearing registration number N838AW,  represents this Airbus A319  aircraft.


America West Airlines was established in February 1981 and began operations August 1, 1983 with three leased Boeing 737 aircraft flying out of their hub in Phoenix, AZ (PHX).  The airline quickly expanded, with their fleet growing to 11 737s and operating flights to 13 cities.  In 1984, America West's fleet grew to 21 aircraft operating flights to 23 cities.   By late 1986, they developed a secondary hub in Las Vegas, Nevada. This rapid growth brought the airline new challenges and they began to struggle financially.  In the second quarter of 2005, America West began merger negotiations with US Airways, which was later acquired by American Airlines.