Duffler One 45 Duffel Bag (Coyote)

by AramediA
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$ 10.00
  • The DUFFLER One is a 45L cabin-sized weekender bag that combines Swedish design and high durability.
  • - Integrated Lightweight Baseplate. In the bottom of the bag, there's a sleeve with a removable baseplate that lends stability to overall structure.
  • Unique and Personal DUFFLER One proudly bears the marks of the personal challenges and adventures you take it on. Distinguish it from the horde of airline luggage with special badges that mark your achievements and destinations.
  • They have 4 pockets inside and 1 pocket outside: Inside pockets: 2 small + 1 large + 1 concealed. Outside pockets: 1 small.
  • Each bag is identified by a unique identity number, which connect you to the DUFFLER World App.
  • They are both cabin size with the following dimensions: L*W*H: 570mm * 270mm* 300mm / 22.5” * 10.5″ * 11.8″. Weight: 1kg / 2.2lbs. The volume is approx 45L / 2746 cu.in.