Who’s First? Written by: Taghreed Najjar, Illustrated by: Aly Zainy Paperback – 2019

by AramediA
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by Written by: Taghreed Najjar (Author), Illustrated by: Aly Zainy (Author)

Jad and Tala are excited about going to the zoo with Mama and their baby brother Zuzu. In the zoo they start arguing about which animal to see first. Jad tries to pull Jamoul from Tala's hands.They pull and pull and Jamoul flies in up the air and falls in the monkey's cage.

Will Jad be able to get Tala's favorite toy back from the monkey? On the first day of the spring holidays, Jad and Tala plan an outing with their mother to the zoo.

Jad wants to see the lions first but Tala wants to see the monkeys first. Since the monkey enclosure is first on the trail they go there first.

Tala teases Jad who angrily pulls at Tala's toy so hard that it flies out of her hand and falls into the monkey cage. Jad is sorry that he upset Tala, so he tries and eventually manages to get the toy back. Discussion

* How many seasons are there in a year? What distinguishes each season from the others? Why do the seasons change? Discuss the earth's orbit around the sun and how this causes the seasonal changes.

* What are the things that you can do in spring? How do you benefit from the visit?

* Do animals have similar characteristics or do they differ from each other? Why do you think Jad liked the lions? What title is given to lions? Why did Tala want to see the monkeys? What are the characteristics of monkeys? Discuss the different characteristics of animals as well as the differences between their natural habitats and what they eat.

* How did Jad get the camel back? What characteristic did Jad discover that monkeys have? Do you know of other animals that copy humans? Talk about the parrot, for example.

* What did Tala do after Jad lost his banana to the monkey? Talk about the importance of sharing.