ViziFlex Anti-microbial Keyboard Cover Compatible With HPSK2875,SK2885, KB0316 - Part A.M. 638E104- Keyboard not included

by AramediA
$ 21.95

Protects from Mold, Spills, Dirt, Grease, Food, and Bacteria - Easy to Clean and Disinfect.

  • PROTECTS YOUR KEYBOARD FROM REGULAR USE. Keeps your keyboard clean from liquid spills,food, dust, oil/grease, sand, moisture, pet hair, pathogens, and viruses and prevents bacteria from growing between and under the keys.
  • KEEPS GERMS ON THE SURFACE. Keeps germs and dirt on the surface of your computer where it can be easily cleaned and disinfected
  • ZERO LATEX - No need to worry about allergies, because these covers have zero signs of latex
  • EASY TO DISINFECT. Simply wipe down the keyboard with a germicide wipe of your choice. Reduces the hassle of having to clean between keys, or removing keys to clean beneath them.
  • EASY TO USE. Adheres quickly and easily to the keyboard using double sided adhesive tape. The snug fit makes cleaning a breeze, as the keyboard can be cleaned without removing the cover. For a slightly tighter fit, use a blow drier approximately 8" from the cover after attached on the lowest setting for roughly one minute