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Vitiligo Breakthrough Scientifically Proven Herbal Treatment Lotion, Repigmentation, Leukoderma by Herba-Care Viticare, (2 bottles of 5.07 OZ each (Total 10.14 OZ- 300 ml))

  • $ 10995

Herba-Care is an herbal supplement company that deals with all natural products and herbal supplements. We travel the world to bring you the best herbal and organic products and supplements.

We use the best plants for medicinal purposes. Plants have been the basis for medical treatments through much of human history and are still widely practiced today. Our products come from ancient remedies that have been successfully used in Middle Eastern herbal medicine for centuries.

Our special blend ingredients are 100% pure and natural and are suitable for a variety of health problems and stubborn skin conditions.

If you are suffering from skin pigmentation problems, Viti-Care is the perfect herbal remedy for you! Viti-Care is a complete organic product made from a plant called Ammi Majus Linn which is found mainly in Egypt.

Viti-Care helps in recovery from skin white patches and pigmentation problems.

Apply Viti-Care and expose affected areas to Sun Light or Ultra Violet Light for 10 minutes and recovery will start within 3 months depending on the area of the body

Viti-Care is 100% herbal and does not cause any side effects.

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