Vision Screen 9000 - Vision Testing Software for Windows Only - American Sign Language (ASL) Accessible

by AramediA
$ 69.95
Vision Screen 9000 screens for vision problems in the following areas: Far Acuity - This tests ability to recognize small objects at a distance. If this test is hard, you may need new glasses. You may have trouble seeing to drive. It may be hard to see the TV or objects from the back of a large room. Near Acuity - This tests the ability to see small objects that are close to you. If this test is hard, you may need new glasses. You may be straining to read or do tasks like threading a needle. Depth Perception - This tests stereoscopic depth perception. Both eyes must send matching signals to your brain to do this test. If you can see with only one eye, you will not be able to do this test. Depth perception problems can be symptoms of learning disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) in children. Color Vision - This tests ability to tell the difference between colors. Most color vision defects will not affect your sight or eye health. Changes in color vision can be an early sign of important changes in your eyes, and should always be reported to your eye doctor immediately. Color vision problems can cause confusion for young children. Macular Health - The Amsler Grid Test is a simple test that can detect changes in the part of the retina with the sharpest sight, the macula. An eye doctor must check any problems found as soon as possible. Changes in the macular area may indicate eye disease and must be treated as soon as possible to minimize loss of sight. Eye Movement - Control of the muscles that move the eye is a fine motor skill. Good eye movements are important for many visual and perceptual skills. Good control of eye movements is very important for children learning to read.