The Sponge Wizard Eco-Friendly Eraser Cleaning Sponge with Scouring Pad For All Surfaces Removes Dirt, Smudge and Residue With Only Water, No Cleaning Agents Or Chemicals Are Required.

by AramediA
$ 7.95

Benefits:                      TRIED, TESTED, TRUSTED

  CHEAPER:    Lasts 50% longer than the Magic Eraser     

      SAVES MONEY :  1001 uses can replace most of those other products          

  • E Z to USE :  Just wet/ wipe
  • SAFER:  NO chemicalls,...NO gloves... NO fumes...........NO gas masks                       
  • BETTER, STRONGER:     Makes bathrooms sparkle kitchens shine.......and your cars cleaner

     NEVER CHEMICALS, ONLY WATER:      Looks, feels better and is healthier than magic type erasers

                                             SUDDENLY, THE OBVIOUS CHOICE   

 Before Using: Test a small area, not good on painted/glossy/ polished surface, nor brushed, satin, faux, bare/polished wood, copper, stainless steel, non- stick coating, or vehicle body..                                                                      

AVOID EYE CONTACT- MAY CAUSE IRRITATION;  Do not  use on skin - can  likely cause abrasions? Keep out of reach of children and pets.                                                                                     
Do not eat/ swallow, rinse surfaces that come in contact with food. Don’t use with chlorine bleach or other household cleaners.


"Hi!  So far so good!  It works well, but because it is white it does not stay super clean for long.  But I like it!  Thank you for sample. " Bridget Sorenson 

"We used the’s pretty good, what’s in this thing that picks up the dirt? I actually cleaned grout lines and my wife removed a shoe scuff from a wall.  Thanks for providing." - Jerry Ryan

"Much better than Magic Eraser. More durable and has brillo side for rough surfaces. I use it on stains and chalk board cleaning"  JB Yong