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The Sponge Wizard Eco-Friendly Eraser Cleaning Sponge with Scouring Pad For All Surfaces Removes Dirt, Smudge and Residue With Only Water, No Cleaning Agents Or Chemicals Are Required.

  • $ 795

  • Stronger- now with multi action scrubber, It cleans more with only water
  • No chemicals- no fumes, no gloves, no gas masks, easy to Clean- just wet and wipe
  • Less need for those other cleaning products, less expensive - lasts much longer
  • We protect Ecosystems - water is both green & earth friendly
  • Last twice longer, compressed for more durability, better than Magic

Before Using: Test a small area. May cause dulling of painted/glossy surface, polished, dark, brushed, satin, faux, bare/polished wood, copper, stainless steel, non- stick coating, or vehicle body..

AVOID ACCIDENTS AND EYE CONTACT- MAY CAUSE IRRITATION. Doesn't use on skin or other parts of body- will likely cause abrasions? Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not eat/ swallow. Rinse surfaces that come in contact with food. Don't use with chlorine bleach or other household cleaners.