The Case of the Spotted Leopard Written by: Taghreed Najjar, Illustrated by: Ali Chamseddine Paperback – 2019

by AramediA
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By Written by: Taghreed Najjar (Author), Illustrated by: Ali Chamseddine (Author)

Without their parents' knowledge, Adel and Amjad sign up on a chat app on the internet using the alias "Green Giant".

They are approached by a suspicious person who calls himself "The Spotted leopard".

The Spotted Leopard befriends the two boys, and soon Adel and Amjad find themselves in trouble. How will they get out of the fix they put themselves in? An exciting story full of action and suspense that touches upon some of the possible dangers kids may face on the internet.

Adel and Amjad are two friends who decide one day to join an online chat room, under a fake name and without telling their parents.

They get to know a suspicious person on the site who goes by the name of "the Spotted Leopard".

The Spotted Leopard lures Adel into trusting him enough to tell him confidential information about his dad's work in a gold shop that he owns.

Events take a dangerous turn when the gold shop is robbed one day.

Who could it be? Adel has his suspicions and he vows to recover the lost jewelry and make things right. Discussion

* Immense technological development has been achieved in the last few years.

Explain the importance of this development in all its forms, such as apps and social media sites.

* What does 'electronic crimes' mean? How can they occur? It has become easier for criminals who can hack personal accounts to access the personal information of individuals and their families and use it in illegal ways.

* What is the harm of using the internet too much? Discuss the health, social and mental problems that it can cause.

* Is it possible for us to become addicted to the internet? How can we stop the power that electronic devices have over us?

* How was the spotted leopard able to lure Adel? Does the use of fake names work in deceiving people?

* How can you trust a person you just meet? What types of people tend to gain our trust?

* What are the issues that parents and children must take into account when using the internet?