Speech to Text Remote, Real Time Transcription Services

by AramediA
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Remote Real-time Transcription is a process for converting speech to text instantaneously. It is typically used for the benefit of deaf students in classroom or other lecture settings. The word "remote" denotes the fact that the transcriber does not have to be physically in the classroom to deliver the service. This CD provides the basic training necessary to implement remote real-time transcription within a school or work environment and train an individual to become a transcriber. Basics of how remote real-time transcription works: 1. The speaker wears a wireless microphone and transmitter. 2. The transcriber uses headphones and a receiver to hear the speaker. The transcriber uses a microphone to repeat verbatim what the speaker says. Speech recognition software converts speech to text on the transcriber's computer screen. 3. The deaf person uses screen-sharing software with the transcriber to see the text. This CD contains: * Instructional manual * Tips for school use * Sample training readings * Sample training audio recordings. - - Note: Speech recognition software and hardware (e.g., microphone, transmitter) are not included in this instructional guide and must purchased or obtained separately if training is implemented.