Speak Hebrew Language Tutor CD-ROM

by AramediA
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Learn Hebrew Software Tutor. Hebrew has nine simple and three compound vowel signs, dots and dashes appearing above, below and next to the consonantal letters. In contemporary Israel, Hebrew most often does not make use of these traditional vowel notations (niqud). While they do appear in prayerbooks, in children's literature, and in poetry, most books, newspapers, magazines, signs, personal correspondence, and other writing omit them. Thus, the prayers from the scene at the Wall do include niqud, while the dialogues in Speak Hebrew! appear without vowel notation so that the player will more quickly become comfortable with the standard form of writing modern Hebrew. On the other hand, Israeli Hebrew has developed a system of using some consonantal letters to also indicate vowel sounds. The Speak Hebrew! Appendices contain the following lists of items. In each section, the Hebrew is given along with the meaning in English and the transliteration. You can increase your vocabulary by substituting words in the dialogues. For example, Foods will provide alternatives when ordering food and drink at the Cafe. Simply substitute different words in the dialogue to tailor it to your own personal taste! The Alphabet- Subject/ Object Pronouns- Indirect Pronouns- Possessive Pronouns- Prepositions- Months of the Year- Days of the Week- Numbers- Expressions of Time/ Seasons- Family- Occupations- Countries/ Languages- Rooms- Food- Parts of the Body- Colors- Adjectives- Basic Expressions- Courtesies/ Signs- Verbs/ Impersonal Sentences- Speak Hebrew! will run on IBM/ PC only, not Macintosh.