Spanish for Kids: Learn Spanish Beginner Level 1, Vol. 2

by vendor-unknown
$ 19.95
Spanish for Kids volume 2 continues to expand your child s vocabulary and further deepens comprehension of the Spanish language. This breakthrough DVD blends the latest 3-D animation and interactive DVD games together with live action sequences for a fun, visually-stimulating learning experience. In this DVD, Carlos and his cute Chihuahua, Chiquitita, embark on a magical field trip to the park with a group of friends. Along the way, your child will learn useful Spanish action verbs, common everyday expressions, and words for food, playing sports, and much more! Includes original music by a Hollywood composer designed to reinforce new words and phrases. All Language Tree videos incorporate the breakthrough Multi-Cognition Approach™, developed by a Stanford University cognitive scientist, for faster and deeper learning. DVD comes with learning booklet.