SIGN-O: An (ASL) American Sign Language BINGO Game CD-ROM Software (Windows)

by AramediA
$ 29.95
If you are a BINGO fan, you will love to play SIGN-O, an entertaining way to learn American Sign Language (ASL) or to just have fun using the signs you already know! Play with a single category of words, like Food or Numbers, or with all of the over 3,000 signs. And its easy to play! When a sign video appears, simply click on the English word on the game board that matches it. If you can match all the words in a row in any direction, you win! Category choices include: Action, Animals, Body, Clothing, Colors & Shapes, Feelings, Food, Letters, Numbers, School, Religion, and much more! Minimum System Requirements: MS Windows, 2000, XP, Vista; CD-Rom Drive 16x; Pentium III, 600 MHz (or equivalent); 683 MB hard drive space. Produced by the Institute for Disabilities Research and Training, Inc.