Salwa- Tala’s Car Written by: Taghreed Najjar, Illustrated by: Aly Zainy, Paperback – 2019

by AramediA
$ 14.95

by Written by: Taghreed Najjar (Author, Translator), Illustrated by: Aly Zainy (Author, Illustrator)

Tala asks her friend Sarah to let her ride in her new red car, but Sarah refuses. Tala is sad and goes home crying. But Jad has a great idea that will soon bring the smile back to Tala's face. What could the idea be? Will they all have fun playing together? Sara invites her neighbor Tala to come and see her brand, new red car. Tala asks to ride the beautiful car but Sara refuses adamantly. Tala is sad and returns to her house crying. Jad has a great idea. He and Tala make a beautiful car from bits and pieces in their garage. When Sara sees the beautiful car, they made she asks to be allowed to ride in it. Tala agrees if she also shares her car with them. They all have a great time playing together. *Why did Sara refuse to allow Tala to ride in her new car? * Do you like sharing your new toys with your friends? * Is it fun to recycle things and make them into new toys or art? Have you ever done that? * Describe how Jad and Tala felt after their car was ready to ride? * Why did Sara change her mind at the end of the story?