Salwa Rain Rain Paperback

by AramediA
$ 16.95

Parent and Teacher guide One stormy night, Tala is awakened by an incoming storm. She is scared and rushes to Jad’s room for comfort. Jad, as the big brother, tries to allay her fears but when the sound of the wind and the roar of thunder become louder Jad sheepishly suggests they go to their parent’s room.

They spend the night in their parent’s bed where they feel safe and fall asleep immediately. Unfortunately, it is a different matter for their parents who find it difficult to go to sleep with Jad and Tala thrashing and turning in their bed.

For discussion: - What is a storm? When does it happen? - What sounds do you hear during a storm? -Have you ever been scared during a storm? Tell us about it? -If your little sister or brother is afraid of thunder what would you tell them? - What is the best thing to do during a storm so that you don’t feel scared?