Salwa Karkara

by AramediA
$ 19.95

Parent and Teacher guide Karkarah which translates from Arabic as "tickling" deals with the day-to-day life of Yasar, a child with Down syndrome. In this story, Yasar tells us about his family, his feelings, and his day-to-day activities. In this heartwarming story, Yasar tells us that he is no different from us and would love to be our friend.

Points for discussion: -What are Yassar’s favorite things? - What are your favorite things? -What are the things that bother Yassar? -What are the things that bother you? - What do you have in common with Yassar? - What does Yassar sometimes do that bothers other kids? - Do you sometimes do things that bother people? - What does Down syndrome mean? Is it a hereditary disease? Can you be treated for it? - How are you different from other people in your class? - Does it make you feel happy or sad that you differ from other people? Why?