Salwa-Factory of Memories Written by: Ahlam Besharat, Illustrated by: Yasmine Abu Almajd Paperback – 2018

by AramediA
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In the Factory of Dreams Ahlam Bsharat tells us the story of Jaber who builds a make-believe factory to store the dreams of people and things he loves. Jaber believes that memories from our other soul that is attached to time and place. He makes a pact with his three friends, Rafia, Mansour and Adli who play a role in the imaginary factory. Finally, with the help of his friends he realizes that 
embracing our memories no matter how painful and coming to terms with them
will bring him peace and help him move forward with his life. Suggested points of discussion: What are memories and how are they formed? How do we deal with our painful memories and get over our feelings of sadness and bereavement? Discuss the importance of friends in our lives who share with us the good and bad times. Sometimes we get over negative feeling by playing games, art or sports and this is what Jaber did when he created the "Memory" game. Appreciating the feelings of others. What do dreams mean to us. How do they reflect our subconscious fears and worries? Discuss why it is important not to have preconceived ideas about people. Jaber did not accept his stepmother because she took his mother's place, but he changes his mind when he feels her genuine love for him. Each of us has a special characteristic that differentiates him from the others. Jaber loves stars and watching how the weather changes. Rafia is soft hearted. Adli likes to fool around. Mansour is the wise one. They each differ from each other but at the same time they complement each other. Connection to the land. Discuss how the Carob tree became a symbol in the story where memories were born and nurtured. Discuss why having a pet is important to some people. What does the Safi the dog mean to Jaber? Why did he treat him with so much love kindness? Discuss if being loyal to our memories will prevent us from moving forward with our lives.