Salwa Adam & Mishmish- Head to Toe Compiled by: Adam and Mishmish, Illustrated by: Lutfi Zayed, Board book – January 1, 2020

by AramediA
$ 16.95

Arabic Edition  by Adam and Mishmish (Author, Compiler), Lutfi Zayed, (Illustrator)

A collection of 7 books that present basic concepts to children in a fun and vibrant way. The collection includes books about numbers, shapes, colors, animals, animal sounds, musical instruments, and body parts. What makes this series special is that there is a song linked to each book. Pairing the song with the book helps connect children to the written word and encourages reading. Concept books play an important role in a child’s love of books. They present information to children about the world around them in a way that encourages curiosity and becomes a bridge between the real and imagined world.

This is an excellent collection for parents wanting to teach their children Arabic in a fun way: - "Head to Toe" book introduces the child to the parts of the body and helps him to name them while pointing to them. - enriches the vocabulary of the child. - connects the words and concepts to tangible things in a child’s environment. - introduces concepts about different environments in the world - introduces basic concepts to children that prepare them for preschool like numbers. Shapes. colors etc. - encourages children to explore new and exciting things in their environment. - informs children of information they will find helpful in their daily life. - encourages children to start reading.