Rashid in the World of Qur'an

by vendor-unknown
$ 79.95
Islamic education represents a cornerstone of the Muslim family. Prompted by its keenness to participate in bringing up this Muslim generation, this Multimedia techniques and attractive video display to prepare Rashid in the World of Qur'an program. Rashid is a Muslim child who accompanies your child on an interesting journey in which he will acquire a great deal of diverse information on Islam concerning the Holy Qur'an, some Qur'anic stories, entertaining games, in addition to becoming acquainted with some of the animals and plants mentioned in the Holy Qur'an. The program attracts the Muslim child to increase his religious knowledge in the modern age in which children compete to acquire knowledge and sciences at an early age. All the material of the program is presented in an entertaining and attractive way. The program is considered a step on the road to specialized instructive software that contribute to bringing up a highly educated Muslim generation.