Viziflex HP1470-86 Keyboard Cover Compatible with HP 840 G1 / 845 G2 Elitebook - Part Number 960G93

by AramediA
$ 19.95

Protect Computer Products HP Elitebook 840 G1 / 845 G2 Laptop Cover Protector HP1470-86 1337

  • Protects your keyboard from regular use - keeps your keyboard free from liquid spills, Food, dust, oil/grease, sand, moisture, pet hair, pathogens, and viruses as well as preventing mold/bacteria from growing between and under the keys.
  • Keeps germs on the surface - keeps germs and dirt on the surface of your computer where it can be easily cleaned and disinfected. Use of an alcohol wipe, or other similar disinfecting Wipe is recommended.
  • Latex free - no need to worry about allergies, because these covers are 100% free of latex! Constructed instead with a durable plastic blend!
  • Easy to disinfect - Simply wipe down the keyboard with a germicide wipe of your choice! Reduces the hassle of having to clean between keys, or removing keys to clean beneath them.
  • Easy to use - adheres quickly and easily to the keyboard using double sided adhesive Tape. The snug fit makes cleaning a breeze, as the keyboard Can be cleaned without removing the cover. For a slightly tighter fit, use a blow drier approximately 8" From the cover after attached on the lowest setting for roughly one minute