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Predators of Africa

Predators of Africa

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Head to the vast wildlife-rich continent of Africa where it's eat or be eaten in the Animal Kingdom, and find out who reigns the food chain. Lions, hyenas, crocodiles, jackals, cheetahs, honey badgers and the black leopard are some of the world's most fierce, fascinating and frightening predators, and they are all in the 16-DVD collection Predators of Africa. Visit a real predator battleground and watch as wild dogs, hyenas, big cats and jackals all fight for a single meal. Meet a family that decides to adopt a baby honey badger, a small animal with a big reputation for trouble. Go in search of the rare black leopard said to be stalking a small farming town in South Africa. Follow the life of a male lion born into a successful pride, watch as a lioness attempts to protect her precious cubs, see the unique relationship between lions and hyenas, and meet an amazing man brave and gentle enough to sleep among the biggest cats on the planet.

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