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Picture Perfect HD Caribbean [Blu-ray]

  • $ 1495

Tropical beaches and ocean views!
There are more than 7,000 islands in the Caribbean, so it's no wonder the region boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the Western Hemisphere. White sand, turquoise water, sapphire sky and emerald hillsides paint a relaxing picture for the soul. Sit back and enjoy these islands of escape in Picture Perfect HD Caribbean as you listen to an original music track composed specifically for this film or enjoy the soothing sounds of waves lapping the shore. Choose from 13 places to visit. Float away with fishing boats in Aruba, relax in paradise on St. John's Cinnamon Bay Beach, marvel at an infinity pool on Grand Bahama Island, and so much more!

Take it all in with scenery shot in high-definition as you listen to a beautiful original soundtrack composed just for Picture Perfect HD Caribbean. Or, drift away to the soft sounds of tropics; the rustling of palms, the lapping of gentle waves. This special edition combo pack includes both Blu-ray and DVD versions to maximize your experience.
Features both natural sounds and an original soundtrack
Loop film for continuous play

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