My Journey with Alphabets Level Pre K + K Workbook - Arabic Children Book

by AramediA
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This book contains 200 pages and has plenty of educational fun activities that includes coloring, tracing, drawing, completing fun Dot-to-dot, mazes and much more ... .

It is suitable for Arabic speaker and none Arabic speaker children ages 4 to 6 that are beginning to learning the Arabic Alphabets from Alif to Yaa.

This book is currently being used at Arabic weekend Schools in North America and contains instructional descriptions in both Arabic and English Languages...

Book Objectives

  • Letter shape recognition through coloring and writing.
  • Fine, visual and auditory motor skills development.
  • Letter identification through recognition and discrimination between the similar letters in shape and sound using various teaching resources.
  • Memorizing the alphabet in alphabetical order to help improve the child’s memory skills.
  • Establishing relationship and connections between the letter and the picture with its beginning sound to reinforce the shape and sound of the letter.
  • Identify the letter phonetic sounds through the use of a vocabulary enhanced by interesting fun illustrations.