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Mid-Air Collision

Mid-Air Collision

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Product Features Two films: Mid-Air Collision and The Italian Jet Team: Hell in the Skies
Includes two complete programs
Footage of actual air collisions
Interviews with experts, including pilots and air-traffic controllers
Relive the Italian Jet Team s most catastrophic accident

Product Description

What if the Unthinkable Actually Happened?

It is a story that needs to be told. A reality that needs to be checked. In Mid-Air Collision, find out what would happen if two major airplanes crashed over one of the worlds biggest, busiest and most populated cities. Experts use CGI technology to concoct a minute-by-minute account of circumstances that could lead to such a horrifying accident. Hear from experienced pilots, air-traffic controllers, police officers and other emergency service personnel, and examine all the possible consequences of a catastrophic collision. Then find out what went wrong when the highly trained Italian Jet Team crashed during an air-show maneuver killing three pilots and 47 spectators. Could it have been avoided?

Mid-Air Collision: A Mid-Air Collision. It s every travelers worst nightmare, yet the skies are getting busier than ever. This gripping docu-drama tells the fictitious story of an unthinkable, but highly possible event: two major airplanes collide over London. The resulting fallout would be catastrophic. Could it really happen?

Hell in the Skies: On Sunday, August 28, 1988, a devastating crash during the Italian Jet Teams performance of An Arrow Thru the Heart claimed the lives of three pilots and 47 spectators in Germany. See what happened and hear from veteran ex-combat pilot and air show expert Wild Bill Crump in Hell in the Skies.

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