MARVEL Comics 3 Pack Bundle - Hulk, Spider-Man & Captain America Collectors Editions [DVD]

by AramediA
$ 199.95
WOW AMAZING UNBELIEVABLE INCREDIBLE MARVEL DIGITAL COMIC BOOK COLLECTORS EDITION 3 PACK BUNDLE. 1. Amazing Spider-Man Complete Comic Book Collection Win/Mac DVD-ROM Amazing Spider-Man: Revisit and relive every Amazing Spider-Man comic book ever printed covering over 43 years. Including the mind-blowing 12 Milestones of Amazing Spider-Man spanning March 1963 through June 2006. A total of over 575 complete comic books including Annuals, all articles, Spider-Web column pages, Bullpen Bulletins, Pinups and every single advertisement. 2. The Incredible Hulk Complete Comic Book Collection on DVD-ROM Over 43 Years of The Incredible Hulk comic books from May 1962 thru Dec 2006. Over 535 complete issues including all annuals. Every single article including the Green Grab-Bag, Bullpen Bulletins, Pinups and all advertisements. Incredible Hulk: Nuclear physicist Bruce Banner created a new kind of nuclear explosive, the Gamma Bomb. On its first test, he was caught in the blast - but instead of being killed he was turned into a dark, distorted version of himself. He was transformed from a skinny, brilliant weakling to a brutish mountain of super-strong muscle. This DVD collects every issue of the first volume, from 1962 to 2005. That's over 530 issues in all! 3. Marvel Comics Captain America Complete Comic Book Collection on DVD-ROM: The Complete Collection lets you experience the amazing adventures of Captain America, the Sentinel Of Liberty! During World War II, a skinny & sickly teenager named Steve Rogers was rejected by the Army. Desperate to fight the Nazis, he volunteered for a dangerous top-secret project: Operation Rebirth. The experiment turned small, weak Steve Rogers into America's first super-soldier. This collection lets you revisit and relive Cap's great adventures. It covers every issue of Captain America from 1964 to 2006 -- over 500 comics in all!