LogicKeyboard Presonus Studio One 3 PC Slim Line USB Wired Keyboard | Full Size Shortcut Keyboard for Presonus Studio One 3

by vendor-unknown
$ 149.95
Logickeyboard's Studio One shortcut keyboard for PC is a perfect fit for musicians and producers who want to quickly and efficiently navigate Studio One's many features. With Logickeyboard's Studio One shortcut keyboard as part of your studio setup, you'll be able to start new projects, access recent songs, adjust your hardware settings, build arrangements, and create new compositions with ease and efficiency. Like every keyboard that Logickeyboard designs, the Studio One shortcut keyboard is impeccably visualized, delivering a highly functional, user-friendly layout that you'll master in no time. Compatible with both Mac and PC, the Studio One shortcut keyboard seamlessly meshes with a studio environment, boasts virtuosic performance, and presents a visually attractive, easy-to-follow graphical layout with five easily recognizable icon-coded keycaps, and shortcut key commands in logical color groupings.