Jurisprudence of Inheritance Version 2.1

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The Ideal Method to Understand the Rules of Inheritance according to the Four Juristic Schools Provides solutions to the most intricate questions of inheritance, giving you the answer in seconds according to the Four Juristic Schools and in compliance with the laws of six Arab countries. An effective and advanced tool in Saves time and effort by totaling the estate (cash assets, gold jewelry, shares, securities... etc.), the deceased person's property in possession of others, his debts and his bequests. The program then gives the total sum of the estate and divides it among the heirs. After entering data on heirs and the degrees of relationship, the program displays a family tree of the heirs, along with the rules of exclusion from inheritance. Then it determines the share of each heir and explains the rules of distribution applied. Also, it facilitates printing reports similar to those used by judges in court. While it may take much time and effort on the part of judges and legal accountants to solve Munasakhat questions, this program can solve such questions in a few minutes. Have you ever tried to learn the rules of inheritance? The program provides a special section explaining the rules of inheritance (its essentials, types, conditions, causes and impediments). It also explains inheritance terminology and focuses on twenty well-known questions, the historical background of their names and the way of settling such controversial cases. For educational purposes and practice, the program provides many questions that cover both theoretical and practical aspects, as well as a didactic poem called Al-Rahabiyah that deals with all the rules of inheritance. With regard to legal references, the program contains related chapters from Al-Mughni by Ibn Qudamah and Mughni Al-Muhtaj by Al-Khatib Al-Shirbini, as well as Al-Qurtubi's interpretation of the Qur'anic verses that deal with inheritance.