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JawiXT 6.1 (Stand Alone)

JawiXT 6.1 (Stand Alone)

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ArabicXT with Jawi, or "JawiXT" transforms QuarkXPress - the most widely used publishing software worldwide from Quark, Inc. - into a professional Jawi desktop publishing software. JawiXT 6.1 allows you to publish in Jawi and to create superlative designs for both print and electronic media. JawiXT: Simple and Easy to use for optimal productivity Using JawiXT in conjunction with QuarkXPress, anyone can learn to create superb Jawi language page layouts, and produce top-quality Jawi page layouts. All this with no need for a Jawi operating system! Since first introduced in 1995, JawiXT has been adopted by a wide array of publishing companies around the world such as newspapers and magazines publishers, catalog and book publishers, catalog houses, printers, prepress houses, advertising agencies and design firms. ArabicXT 6.1 with Jawi Support also opens up the world of self- publishing in Jawi/ Persian to the novice, including students, freelancers and home-based professionals. Anyone can learn the system in a very short time to create superb Jawi page layouts. ArabicXT 6.1 with Jawi Support does not change anything in the original code of QuarkXPress, all of QuarkXPress features are available in this Jawi XTensions software.

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