Islamic Bundle (The History of Islam + Islamic Dictionary)

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Includes more than 55,000 Arabic terms and meanings translated into English, Malay and Indonesian. It displays an indexed dictionary of 35,000 words from the Holy Qur'an with their meanings. It also cross-references these words to verses where they are found in a copy of the Holy Qur'an. It presents a group of specialized indexes of the Attributes of Allah, names of Paradise, Hell and Resurrection, along with cross-referencing these names to Qur'anic verses where they are mentioned or referred to. A section dedicated to the terminology of Islamic ethics,proprieties, knowledge and manners of its attainment. It also includes terms on the Science of Hadith and their meanings. It presents a brief explanation of many juristic terms including terms of Purification, Prayer, Zakah, Fasting, Hajj, Transactions, and Business. Islamic economy is given special emphasis as an economic subject tree is built and linked to the Qur'anic verses. The History section includes historical terminology and the most important battles, conquests, treaties and historical sites. It highlights the major phases of the spread of Islam, and Islamic caliphates since the first century of Hijra up to the Ottoman caliphate in the modern age. Product description: The program presents a full display of the events of the Islamic history in a thousand year, beginning from the year 1 until 1000 A.H. The program includes the historical events, the military events and the mortality. The user can show a chronological order of all the historical events witnessed by the Muslim Ummah, displaying the events of each year separately. The program provides the ability to search for main topics, which are linked to many other subtopics that cover all the events of the Islamic history in a thousand year. The advanced textual search, based on Harf's technologies in the field of computational linguistics, includes morphological search, which enables search for words or phrases on various levels.