Islamic Art Gallery Version 1.0

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Islamic Antiquities Displayed with New Techniques Islamic art represents an important aspect of Islamic civilization and demonstrates the excellence of Muslims in this field. Despite its great importance, Islamic art and its history has remained obscure for centuries. Prompted by its keenness to shed light on such an important cultural aspect, Harf has utilized the most advanced technologies to develop the Islamic Art Gallery. The Islamic Art Gallery program aims at presenting brilliant artistic works executed by Muslims throughout the ages, starting from the first century A.H. until the thirteenth century A.H., to reveal the pioneering aspect of Muslims, their creativity and influence on many ornamental arts of other nations. Key features: The first Arabic software program to deal with Islamic art as a specialized study of the history of this field made by specialists in Islamic antiquities. The first Arabic software program to utilize Virtual Reality technology to facilitate navigation in the halls of the gallery. Includes a set of halls on two floors. On the ground floor above the reception, the rooms for textiles, ceramics, metalwork, Arabic calligraphy, jewelry, and architecture are found. The first floor includes five rooms for displaying glass, weapons, woodwork, cinema, as well as a room that displays Harf products. Presents a study of each artistic work, mentioning when it was made and explaining its artistic contents. The number of the paintings and art objects reaches more than 500 displayed items in the different halls of the gallery. The captions explaining paintings are supplemented by audio commentary. The display of the program contents has many approaches, including free navigation through the virtual reality or the special archive of each displayed painting.