Ibsar Screen Reader: Arabic and English Computing Solution for the Visually Impaired

by AramediA
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$ 2,300.00

OVERVIEW The first integrated bilingual solution for the blind or visually impaired, in the Arab speaking countries, Ibsar for Windows works with any PC to provide access to most of today's software applications and the Internet.

With its Arabic/English TTS engine and the computer's soundcard, information is read aloud, providing access to a wide variety of information, education and job related applications. IBSAR also reads documents, printed books with Sakhr's OCR, and enables users to print on normal and Braille printers KEY FEATURES

¦ Provides self-learning for the blind using a computer.

¦ Maintains the user's privacy and independence. ¦ Reads the screen's output and any pressed key on the keyboard. ¦ Spells every word in a program.

¦ Integrated Spell checker.

¦ Reads and navigating any Web page in IE directly.

¦ Collects links within web pages and then uses the keyboard to select the desired link.

¦ Searches for any (Arabic/English) information on the Web

¦ Writes, reads and sends email messages using Microsoft Outlook or popular web-mail services like Hotmail and Yahoo.

¦ New Integrated Arabic. speech synthesizer to speed up reading ¦ Integrated OCR 7.1

¦ New enhanced Integrated Arabic diacritizer

¦ Reads all the details within the active dialogs and windows ¦ Supports Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word

¦ Reads tables in Microsoft Word

¦ Supports fast printing using a Braille printer (full control in Word, Notepad, etc).

¦ Integrated Dictionary