Hispanic Heritage Set (Spanish and American Sign Language-accessible Product)

by AramediA
$ 79.95

This unique package of information contains everything you need to teach a unit or help preserve Deaf Hispanic Heritage and Culture.

The kit includes:A. 5 CD-ROMs Each can be viewed in English or Spanish text and audio with ASL video translations:

1. Tomados de la Mano**-CDI:Three folktales from Spanish-speaking countries--"The Laughing Skull," "The Four Brothers' Adventure," and "How Birds Got Bright Feathers."

2. Tomados de la Mano**-CD II:Three folktales from Spanish-speaking countries--"The Singing Sack," "Juan Bobo and the Three-Legged Pot," and "The Singing Toad."

3. Sueño Sordo Hispano-Americanos:A brief history of Deaf Hispanic Americans, profiles of eight famous Deaf Hispanic Americans, and two personal stories by Mark Morales of growing up Deaf and Hispanic in the U.S. Information can be printed and pictures of the Deaf Hispanic Americans colored and printed.

4. Somos Muy Fiesteros: Descriptions of Mexican traditions and holidays. Colorful pictures and videoclips from National Geographic and Ethnosocope Film and Video expand the experience.

5. Mexican Sign Language/American Sign Language Translator:Translates 575 words automatically between four languages--ASL, LSM, English and Spanish. B. A copy of "Believing...Achieving, Creer...Conseguir," a publication of PEPNET. C:

6 Handouts: 1. Resources for Deaf Hispanic Americans 2. References about Deaf Hispanic Americans 3. Hispanic Recipes 4. Information about Sign Languages used by Spanish-Speaking Countries 5. Recommended Activities for Parents and Teachers to Do with Their Children 6. Recommended Books for Children on Hispanic Folklore and Topics.