Handmade Olive Wood Pierced Spatula Decorative And Cooking Utensil Handmade and Hand carved By Artisans - 15.25 x 4 x 0.3 (Inches)

by AramediA
$ 19.95
  • Pierced Olive Wood Spatula Decorative And Cooking Utensil Handmade and Hand carved By Artisans - 15.25 x 4 x 0.3 (Inches)
  • All items might be slightly different; each item is a unique piece of art.
  • Colors can vary a lot - Each and every item created is unique.
  • Not recommended to washing in hot water or washing machine. Rub periodically with olive oil or food-safe mineral oil to restore finish and luster. Do not put in the dish washer (hand wash only).
  •  This product is handmade please allow slight variations due to the handmade nature of the product.
  •  The unique nature of the wood means that no two pieces are alike and dimensions will vary from piece to piece.
  • The little imperfections in the wood are characteristic of the hand crafted nature of each piece.

Luxury handmade olive wood products : Quality is first - UNIQUE olive wood products

Handcrafted Olive Wood Products Olive wood is a durable hardwood that has lasting pleasant aroma and anti-bacterial properties. All the olive wood items were hand-crafted by artisans; all of them are hand carved from single block of wood, making each unique, as they comes from a different tree and has its own particular wood pattern.
Its sturdy material, antibacterial properties and natural oil varnish make it perfect for daily use. The products are varnished with oil to keep its appearance and natural smell.
Olive wood can be used in so many different ways due to its positive properties. For example, it is antibacterial, resistant to stains and very hard. The wood will not swell on contact with liquids and remains very smooth. Olive wood products can safely be used for years and are a perfect replacement for plastic products or products made of less quality woods.
The wood we use for our products is a byproduct of agriculture. Trees that no longer bear fruit and are replaced by young trees which makes it a sustainable source of wood.
The branches that do not produce olives anymore are cut and processed. They are cut into the desired size for the final product. Next they are worked on with a wood grader or by hand, depending on the final product. The wood is then measured and carved into the final shape (spoon, chopping board, bowl...). After the shaping, the product gets a royal finishing with olive oil to strengthen the wood and give it its well-known golden shine. The olive oil is used to seal the wood and nourish it.