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Goodnight Moon (CD)

Goodnight Moon (CD)

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Stories included are:

-Goodnight Moon: First published in 1947, everyone's favorite bedtime book still works its magic on babies and toddlers everywhere.

-A Creature Was Stirring: 'TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, and in this great house, the creature who stirred was a boy, not a mouse. And while upstairs his parents were dreaming and snoring, with Santa so close, sleep seemed pretty boring.

-Gladys Goes Out to Lunch: At the zoo, Gladys eats bananas for breakfast, bananas for lunch, and even more bananas for dinner! But one day Gladys smells something even better than bananas. Could it be pizza? Ice cream? Or something altogether better?

This CD-ROM brings to life popular children's books through original music, voice and American Sign Language (ASL) video.

Using the free 7-page children's activity guides and lesson plans, this DVD becomes a several-hour bi-lingual learning experience for all children.

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