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Finnish Translator Ectaco EFn900

Finnish Translator Ectaco EFn900

  • $ 49995

Large 3.5" color LCD screen. 70,000 English explanations with the WordNet Princeton English Dictionary. Unique User's Dictionary lets you create personalized word lists. Advanced Speech Recognition. True Voice human pronunciation for words and phrases. Pre-recorded words list provides access to spoken dictionary entries. Talking Picture Dictionary with pronunciation for all words. 56,000 entry Audio PhraseBook for commonly encountered situations. Patented Language Teacher system with hands-free, eyes-free U-LearnTM Car Tutor. Unbeatable Word-of-the-day vocabulary builder. Full Text Translation functionality. Spell-Check, History and Slang Lock options. Smart Virtual Keyboard with Audio interface. Vector UltimaTM Spell-checker and MorphofinderTM to help find the words you need. Customizable English interface with support for the C-Pen OCR Handheld Scanner. English Grammar, Irregular Verbs, Idioms, and SAT 200/5000 vocabulary builders. Linguistic Crossword, Pockets, Spell-It-Right, FlashCards, Hangman games and a Translation Test. Customizable translating jetBook Reader with FB2, TXT and XML file support. Video Player with .avi, .wma, .wav, .ogg, .jpg, and .png. support; Voice Recorder; FM Radio. SDHC card support of up to 32GB. All Grand 900 models include C-pen, GPSR, 4GB language card with US map GPS, Car holder, Car power adapter, Dual USB cable for C-pen, Headphones with mic, Bonus CD, Adapter, Rechargeable battery and Pouch.

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