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EuroTalk Interactive - Vocabulary Builder! Learn Turkish

EuroTalk Interactive - Vocabulary Builder! Learn Turkish

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Vocabulary Builder is the perfect way to get kids engaged and having fun while they learn a new language. The earlier a child is exposed to a second language, the better and easier it is for them to learn. Made specifically for children ages 4-12 (although adults love it, too!), Vocabulary Builder is easy to use, and features lots of bright pictures and fun games to keep kids engaged-even children who are easily distracted. Vocabulary Builder covers about 100 basic words, and phrases. Topics include colors, numbers, actions, and simple prepositions and sentences. Here's how it works: Vocabulary Builder is all based on spoken language and pictures, so kids don't need to be able to read. Pictures are accompanied by a spoken word. A memory game helps kids recognize and remember words in a new language. Kids can then record their own story. They browse through pictures and record the words they want to appear, comparing their pronunciation to that of a native speaker if they want to. Then, watch the story play back on a cinema screen followed by a big round of applause! “This product is fun and innovative, and will keep the younger learner's attention for hours. Undoubtedly more effective than traditional formats" -ComputerActive

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