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Ectaco Partner EF850 English-French Talking Electronic Dictionary Plus Accessory Bundle

  • $ 000

* Advanced speech recognition modules understand what you say and let you test your pronunciation by comparing your speech with that of the device. If the Partner understands you then so do will everyone else. * Unique combination of authentic native-speaker voice narration in the PhraseBook and state-of-the-art TTS (text-to-speech) voice synthesis in the Dictionary. * Fully expandable vocabulary that includes over 490,000 words pre-loaded on the device in the general and specialized dictionaries - the most extensive vocabulary database ever assembled! More than 50 additional language combinations are also available as ECTACO MMC/SD Cards which can supplement the device! * Audio PhraseBook designed with the frequent traveler in mind delivers authentic human voice output in both languages for over 14,000 pre-recorded phrases for commonly encountered situations. The included "You May Hear" section displays the different answers you might receive in response to your speech. * Color display with adjustable color schemes, customizable elements, color-coded parts of speech, usage examples and more * Sophisticated Machine Translation system with unlimited pronunciation of translated text in both languages. Type any text you want and it will translate and speak the translation out loud using its built-in TTS (text-to-speech) processor. Dictionaries: * WordNet Princeton edition English-English dictionary of contemporary English with over 70,000 headwords and detailed explanations * More than 490,000 entries in dictionary that offers comprehensive usage examples and intelligible synthesized voice output of words in both languages * Advanced word recognition and Morphofinder * Custom "Add new word" function allows you to create your own personal vocabulary databases and incorporate them into the existing dictionaries * Slang lock: function allowing you to eliminate slang from your dictionaries