Ectaco ER800 Partner English Russian Talking Dictionary Audio Phrasebook

by vendor-unknown
$ 599.95
The English Russian electronic talking dictionary ECTACO Partner ER800 contains the largest ever vocabulary base: over 1,030,000 words in general and specialized dictionaries, Business, Financial, Law, Medical, Oil, Telecommunication and Computers. Advanced English and Russian voice feature is powered by TTS (Text-to-Speech) technology - the most sophisticated and accurate available on today's competitive market. "Add new word" function allows to create your own vocabulary bases and add them to the existing ones. Slang lock: function allowing you to include or lock out slang from your dictionaries. Advanced word recognition and MorphoFinder. Full-text translation from English to Russian and vice versa! English-Russian audio phrasebook (8,000 phrases) with live native speech, featuring unlimited voice function will help you in a variety of standard everyday situations and activities: Shopping, Traveling, Everyday conversation, etc. Flashcards: classical game helping you memorize the words and improve spelling while you play: Flash Cards, Pockets, Spell It, Translation Test. English and Russian speech recognition, allowing your machine to fine-tune to the individual user's voice. English language learning: SAT 200 and SAT 5000 vocabularies, helping you to prepare for tough standard English language proficiency tests. WordNet dictionary - 70,000 words with explanations: this dictionary will get the meaning of every single English word you may request. Phonetic transcription, essential tool for those learning to speak and write English properly. Vector Ultima spell-checker. Bilingual interface, superior organizing system, MP3 media player, currency and metric conversions, world time, daily alarm, calculator. High-resolution color touch screen with adjustable color schemes for customizing screen elements. Device is powered by AC/DC adapter and rechargeable battery (included). 1 year international warranty.