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Desktop Publishing for Middle Eastern Language XTensions for QuarkXPress 9: ArabicXT 9 JawiXT 9, FarsiXT 9, KurdishXT 9 and HebrewXT 9 Support Mac or Windows (Requires QuarkXPress 9 Application) - Latest Enhanced Features in QuarkXPress 9 ArabicXT 9 and

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When Layout introduced the first version of ArabicXT, it was awarded PC Middle & Near East Magazine's 1998 Award of Excellence as well as the Best of GITEX '97 from BYTE Middle East Magazine. ArabicXT: A User-Friendly Interface for Optimal Productivity ArabicXT also opens up the world of publishing in Arabic to the novice, including students, freelancers and home-based professionals. Anyone can learn the system in a very short time to create professional Arabic publications. Because ArabicXT does not change anything in the original code of QuarkXPress, all of QuarkXPress' features are available in the Arabic language. Important ArabicXT 9 features: Publications in all Right-To-Left languages. Full support of ArabicXT and OpenType fonts. Searchable PDF files. 46 high-quality Arabic Fonts for Professional use upon activation. In addition to Print, Interactive, and Web Designs, you will enjoy using the latest enhanced features in QuarkXPress/ArabicXT 9: Digital Design and Publishing in QuarkXPress 9 Create digital design and publishing in one tool, with one familiar interface - at one reasonable price - without requiring coding or programming. App Studio for QuarkXPress Create the Ultimate Mobile Experience. Create your own iPad apps with App Studio for QuarkXPress, then publish and control your own interactive publications.