Complete Halazone Series 10 Arabic Children Books (Halazoun)

by AramediA
$ 69.95

The "Halazone Series" is based on a six-year-old girl called Jude who introduces the reader to her family and friends.

The series consists of 10 stories that deal with everyday issues in the life of a child for example not wanting to sleep early, having mixed feelings about a sibling, watching scary movies, complaining about homework, telling the truth ...etc.

The writer uses humor to present the situations in the story. Children and their parents empathize with Jude because tey feel that she is "just like them".

Jude and her family have starred in their own puppet shows and delighted children with their antics.

Children will soon be able to watch Jude and her family and friends in an animated series on Youtube.

Books in this series include:

1-  I am Amazing!
2-  I Can!
3-  Don't Worry Dad
4- Not Yet
5- The Lie that Got Bigger
6- Watch Out Jude
7- My Brother Zaid
8- One Dark Night
9- Why Should I Sleep Early.
10- Jude and her new Bike.