Captain America & Fantastic Four Silver Surfer Marvel Comics Collectors Editions DVD-ROM Bundle

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Fantastic Four Fan Pages, The Cosmic Pipeline, Bullpen Bulletins and every single advertisement. Fantastic Four with over 575 issues (Nov. 1961 through Dec. 2006) and Silver Surfer 185 issues (Aug. 1968 through Dec. 2004). Captain America: The Complete Collection lets you experience the amazing adventures of Captain America, the Sentinel Of Liberty! During World War II, a skinny & sickly teenager named Steve Rogers was rejected by the Army. Desperate to fight the Nazis, he volunteered for a dangerous top-secret project: Operation Rebirth. The experiment turned small, weak Steve Rogers into America's first super-soldier. He fought the Axis for years, but was thought dead in an Arctic explosion. His enhanced body survived & was actually frozen in suspended animation; he was thawed out decades later & entered a country he no longer understood, but continued to defend against the menaces threatening liberty & democratic principles. This collection lets you revisit and relive Cap's great adventures. It covers every issue of Captain America from 1964 to 2006 -- over 500 comics in all!