Boeing 757-200 Northwest Airlines 1/200 Scale Model by Flight Miniatures #ABO-75730H-006

by AramediA
$ 34.95

In April 2003, Northwest Airlines introduced its first new livery since 1989, to be phased into the entire Northwest fleet over a five-year period during regularly scheduled repainting.

In 2009 Northwest merged with Delta Air Lines ending the use of this livery. The Boeing 757 is a twin-engine, short- to medium-range jetliner.

The 757-300 is a stretched version of the 757-200, measuring 23 feet 4 inches (7.1 meters) longer. The extra length allows it to carry 20 percent more passengers and increases the available cargo volume by nearly 50 percent.

1:200 Scale Plastic Snap-Fit - Boeing 757-200 - Length:9.5" Wingspan: 7.5"

These models from Flight Miniatures are made of plastic and don't need any glue or paints. The assembly is very basic and takes only a few minutes. Assembly consists of nothing more than attaching the wings to the fuselage and then attaching the tail and elevators. Special care has to be taken while attaching the wings since the fitting in these models is quite tight and some pressure needs to be applied. The pressure needs to be applied on the wings and onto the fuselage.

Do not, for example, hold the wings from the engines and apply force like that since this will damage and/or break the engines. The level of detail is very nice and accurate. Wings will show the different panels and sections just as the real thing. The coloring and markings are not decals, so they won't peel off.

For the people who are really observant, engines are accurately proportioned and the type of engine is also accurately represented. These type of models are the type which one can see in airline offices and/or at travel agents (when they were still around).

These are not toys, they are not intended to be played with since they are very fragile. However, the construction is so simple and because they have no moving parts, that casual "flying" (and making noises) will be fine, even if done by a child.

Please note that this is a collector's model and is not recommended for children under 8. The box measures 12.5 inches long by 3 inches high by 2 deep.