Automatic Reader Arabic OCR Gold Edition

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Automatic Reader 11.0
Gold Edition
Arabic OCR

Sakhr’s Automatic Reader is the outcome of Sakhr ongoing research in the fields of Arabic Natural Language Processing and Character Recognition technologies. Sakhr’s Automatic Reader pioneers the OCR programs in Arabic language. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. When a text document is scanned, the computer recognizes this text as a graphical image. The user cannot manipulate, search, or edit the image text in its image format. An OCR program reads this scanned text, recognizes it, and then converts the figures and characters into editable text pieces.

 Sakhr’s Automatic Reader – Sakhr OCR – transforms scanned images into a grid of millions of dots, optically recognizes the characters found in them and ultimately converts them into text. The complex nature of the Arabic language is evident in the cursives of the text, character overlapping, various character shapes, diacritics and the variety of calligraphic Arabic fonts that exist. As a result, these specific Arabic language complexities present major technical challenges in the Arabic OCR industry. The Automatic Reader, backed by Sakhr’s extensive experience in Arabic Natural Language Processing (NLP)technologies, addresses these challenges effectively, thus providing Arabic users with an award-winning and high quality OCR solution.

Great features are offered within Sakhr’s Automatic Reader package regarding accuracy enhancement, employing NLP tools, supporting PDF, all new famous image formats, and other script languages that have similar shapes to Arabic such as Farsi, Urdu, Pashto and Jawi.


Performance and Accuracy

  • 800 characters per second on PIII-based computers.
    §   Up to 99% accuracy in recognizing Arabic books, newspapers, etc...
    §   Windows NT, 2000 and XP (Arabic Enabled). 

Recognition Engines

  • Supports Arabic, English, French and 16 other languages
    §   Supports other script languages: Farsi, Jawi, Pashto and Urdo (Available optionally in the extra language pack.)
    §   Recognizes bilingual documents: Arabic/English, Farsi/English and Arabic/French
    §   Supports both OMNI & Learning technologies to obtain higher accuracy in different fonts 

Supported Formats

  • Deals with all image formats (.bmp, .tiff, .pcx, etc.)
    §   Saves the output text in different formats such as .txt, .rtf, and .html
    §   Supports PDF formats 

Supported Scanners

  • Supports Twain, ISIS and KOFAX protocols
    §   Works with any type of scanners
    §   Supports simplex and duplex scanners 


  • Recognizes the diacritics in Arabic images
    §   Opens multiple documents at the same time
    §   Recognizes tables in scanned images
    §   Supports ill-formed tables
    §   Recognizes underlined words
    §   Recognizes broken and stickled characters
    §   Detects automatically style for fonts (Regular or Bold)
    §   Uses Arabic linguistic rules with recognition (Artificial Intelligence)
    §   Supports non-rectangular frames
    §   Supports color documents
    §   Groups recognition attributes into pre-defined types of source documents 

Powerful Imaging Tools

Automatic and manual image rotation and fixing 


  • Provides program interface in both Arabic and English.
    §   Includes bilingual spellchecker.
    §   Supports both automatic and manual framing modes.
    §   Sends OCR results by e-mail.

    For more features and information see 


System Requirements




Pentium III, 700 MHz

Pentium IV, 2.0 GHz

Free Disk Space

65 MB

400 MB


64 MB

128 MB

Operating System

Windows 7 & 8 (32 & 64 bit)

Windows 7 & 8 (32 & 64 bit)


International Language Pack Add-On is also available that Includes:
Farsi, Jawi, Pashto and Urdu