ASL American Sign Language - Clouds: Paw Signs Science Adventures for Windows Only

by AramediA
$ 29.95

Did you know that every type of cloud has unique characteristics? Join Pilot Paws as the Co-Pilot to explore this commonly seen but little understood sky phenomenon!

This fun-filled, yet informative, adventure shares startling cloud and weather facts, offers opportunities to test your knowledge, and rewards learning with exciting games and the chance to witness death-defying air rescues.

All communication is both signed in ASL and spoken in English by Paws the Pilot. Read fascinating information about nine different types of clouds, and see photographs of them too!

Then test your knowledge about clouds before you enter daring rescues or fun-filled games/activities. Help! The astronaut is lost in space.

Can Paws come to his rescue! Find out when you answer a question about cumulus clouds correctly! Along with watching rescues, you can play different games.

Try and see if you can pull all of the sailors out of the ocean. Their boat capsized and you do not have much time to rescue them!