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ArabicXT 9 for QuarkXPress MAC Upgrade Version from 6.0 or 7.0 - Convert QuarkXPress Into Arabic Desktop Publishing Solution

  • $ 39995

ArabicXT is an award-winning Arabic software extension which transforms QuarkXPress, the most widely used publishing software worldwide from Quark Inc. into a professional Arabic desktop publishing solution, allowing you to publish in Arabic and to create outstanding designs for both print and electronic media. Using ArabicXT in conjunction with QuarkXPress, anyone can learn to create superb bi-directional page layouts, producing top-quality professional Arabic and Latin publications, without the need for an Arabic operating system. Since first introduced in 1992, ArabicXT has been adopted by thousands of publishing companies around the world. ArabicXT is widely used by newspapers, magazines, book publishers, catalog houses, printers, prepress houses, advertising agencies and design firms. Important ArabicXT 9 features: Publications in all Right-To-Left languages. Full support of ArabicXT and OpenType fonts. Searchable PDF files. 46 high-quality Arabic Fonts for Professional use upon activation. iPad apps with App Studio for QuarkXPress. Standardized e­books for the iPad, Sony Reader, NOOK, and more. Interactive content for the Blio eReader - the most accessible and versatile e-­reader on the market. Website designs and animations. Digital magazines, newspapers, banners, brochures, catalogs. Interactive marketing presentations and forms. Books, user guides, directories, yearbooks, packaging, and posters. Efficient financial reports.