A Window in My Mouth - Arabic Children Book

by AramediA
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Gaith teases his sister Salam when she loses her two front teeth. He makes fun of the window in her mouth and the fact that she can’t pronounce certain letters correctly. Ghaith is proud of his strong white teeth that can chew and munch all kinds of food; but what will happen when it is Ghaith’s turn to lose his front teeth?

“A Window in My Mouth” is a fun story that deals with the experience of losing milk teeth. An experience that is shared by children everywhere.

It highlights the childhood ritual in our culture of throwing the milk tooth to the sun and asking for a new stronger one.

A ritual that comforts the child and assures him that a new tooth will grow instead of the one he lost. The story also talks about the importance of teeth for digestion and for pronouncing certain sounds and letters.

When Salam loses her two front teeth she has difficulty pronouncing words that begin with S including her name. Her brother Ghaith makes fun of her and when it is his turn to lose his milk teeth he is happy that his name has no S sounds which means Salam can’t tease him back.

Written by: Doniazad Al Saadi, Illustrated by: Nour Ghassan,

ISBN 9789957040840
Binding Soft Cover
Pages 24
Age Range 3+
Year of Publication 2016
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Dimensions 21 x 21 cm